“You see love, love is not just a word but an emotion”, they say. When we were young we would say i love you so frequently and with such innocence. What happened along the way? How did we complicate and mess things up?

In this day of virtual dating and all kinds of apps why is it that the heart doesn’t really belong there. “Maybe you are a bit old school”, my friend quoted. Yeah maybe i am. Growing up as a 90s kid watching all the romcoms we get this idea of perfect love which perhaps has the probability of one in a million.

“Give love a chance”, i was told by many but the ‘what ifs’ always prevented me from giving it a chance cause love “what if you tell me i am good enough for you anymore and i believe you?”

Yours sincerely

An old school millenial born in the wrong era

||Sad Girl||

No one wants a sad girl. A girl who is long lost. A girl who has been trying hard to fit in for so long that she lost in melancholy. “Girls should be happy and chirpy and pretty”, they said. Alas they never said a girl should be herself.

Getting ready would always mean putting on a fake smile and pretending to be carefree but only she knew the burning pain that enticed her every night.

But no one wants a sad girl do they? It only provides plots for movies they said. Girls should be more practical they said. Girls should learn to accept they said. But they never said “a girl should be real


Do you see that? The smoke coming out of her mouth as if someone ignited a fire within her exclaimed the 6 year old. Ah! the innocence, the innocence filled in those light hazel eyes. Little did he know the smoke he was so fascinated about was slowly engulfing her bit by bit. She knew all the hazards and consequences the cigarette came with yet she chose to fill her lungs

with it.

Why? Why do people smoke even though it causes cancer and people are beware of it? A question she would ask herself when she was little. Little did she know it was in those few puffs of the midnight cigarette that she would find solemn and peace which she sought after in every person and thing she knew.



A word we all are accustomed with. We make memories every day every hour every second, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. Our brain is like

a little diary, a diary that keeps records of every little detail, every little nook and cranny of our daily lives.

However as i sit down here in the bus stop of a busy street, people running here and there, trying to catch up with the reckless rat race, forgetting to create memories and leading a ruthless life, it suddenly daunted upon me “have we really forgotten how to make memories?”

Memories are often the last glimpse of hope we cling on to hoping for a last bout of happiness, a last hearty smile, a last hug from our dear one.

People say we make memories throughout our life time… But think about it once -” do we make memories or do they make us?”



Do you see those lights amidst the darkness… The darkness waiting to engulf you within itself… But still you find a peace, some sort of calmness which entices you completely. The melancholy tunes playing in someone’s distant radio… Oh my oh my that’s a sad tune. The spring breeze suddenly glides past your body giving you the chill but still a feeling of warmth and comfort. Ah the storey above my floor… A storey rather story of darkness where no one goes not even cats. Its believed to be haunted but not to me… The darkness of the floor staring right in my face as i

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